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401 k

Why Us?

We removed the names and unwrapped the covering of the investment products offered by the 401(k) industry and found an indistinguishable blend of mediocre sameness.  You don't settle for mediocrity in your business or personal life, why settle for mediocrity in your 401(k) plan? 

Our investment strategy is different and it's better. That's why we build our own investment products, founded on winning, time-proven strategies and assets allocation.

We Build It Better

  • Low-Cost Index Funds

  • Eliminate costly investment middlemen

  • Proprietary Target Date Models

  • Consistent Winning Investment Strategy


Using Cannon Capital Management, Inc. (CCM) as a 401(k) Advisor is not a guarantee to increase the rate of return for a 401(k) participant.  The 75 percent increase in funds from earning a two percent higher return over 30 years is used as an illustration to help 401(k) sponsors and participants be aware of the impact of higher fees for administrative and advisory services as well as inefficient investment funds and high expense ratios on their ability to increase the accumulation of money from their investment choices in their 401(k) Plan.  

Retirement Plans are securely and steadily built on a foundation of trust; earning that trust, and then preserving and honoring it, is what we do. We are an ERISA §3(38) Investment Fiduciary.

Clint Cannon

CEO, Cannon Capital Management

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