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Our Mission

We strive to deliver order and efficiency to our clients financial desires through the creation, execution and ongoing monitoring of a comprehensive investment strategy and financial plan. 

What To Expect From
Cannon Capital Management, Inc.

"One of the greatest gifts that can be given to people is the assurance that their financial future will be successful – meaning, their financial resources will outlast their last breath"

Clint Cannon

CEO, Cannon Capital Management, Inc.


Our commitment is to help our clients one step at a time to make life better. Whether you are looking to sponsor a company retirement plan or invest/plan as an individual, we are dedicated to helping provide the best quality of service possible.  Let us help  you MAKE LIFE BETTER. 

Our Commitment

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Investing for your future can bring on all sorts of emotions and anxieties. We strive to help our clients invest in a way that makes them feel comfortable, plan for the future, and ultimately, help them on their path to make life better. 

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