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We are a family owned investment advisory business.  We love and care for our clients – our mission is to treat our clients with the same honesty, fairness and integrity we desire for ourselves.  Quite simply, we are in the business of making invest-able assets grow in value.  We invite you to learn more about us on this website and hope you will give us an opportunity to learn how we can help you.  Thank you for sharing some of your time with us today.

                                                       -Cannon Capital Management Team

About US

Clint Cannon, CFA

Managing Director


Clint graduated from The University of Utah (B.A.  in Political Science) and from Brigham Young University (Master’s in Public Administration) with additional studies at Penn State University.  A stint at Tracy Collins Bank & Trust was followed by 10 years at First Security Investment Management as Director of Research and Sr. Portfolio Manager.  However, the itch to “do his own thing” wasn’t sufficiently scratched until starting Cannon & Rowe Asset Management with his partner Jim Rowe.  Over the years that startup became Cannon Capital Management.  Throughout the 30 plus years in the investment profession, Clint has earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA) designations.


Clint and his bride, Diane, have four incredible children, four beautiful in-laws, 11 grandchildren with enough energy to light up a city, and no pets.  Well, enough of the Christmas card story. 


Clint describes himself as, a world traveler, glass water-seeking skier, smoking-meat hobbyist, and a master at avoiding repairs involving anything motor or electrical.  

Chace Cannon, CFP

Managing Director

Chace attended Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah receiving his bachelors of Science in Finance, but don’t mistake that for loyalty as Chace is a BYU fan through and through.  Before joining Cannon Capital, he worked as a sales representative for a cell phone company while attaining his degree. After expressing interest in joining Clint, Chace joined the firm in a part-time capacity in January 2009, which quickly turned into a full time position in April 2009 as Chace found his passion and desire to help people with their finances. As the Chief Operating Officer, Chace manages the Financial Planning of the business and co-manages the 401(k) business with Clint.


Designations: CFP (Certified Financial Planner), CPFA (Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor), AIF (Accredited Investment Fiduciary).


Chace and his wife Breanne, have four children who are the joys of their life.

Chace describes himself as, an avid Lake Powell traveler, a dare-seeking boater, a determined time-spender with family, a weekend entertainer-of-persons, and a community service devotee. 


Chris Harris, FMVA

Managing Director

Chris is the Chief Compliance Officer here at Cannon Capital Management. Chris received his bachelor's in Marketing Administration.  After selling his business in 2016, initially, Chris took on the challenge of marketing for the firm as CMO and has now moved into an advisory role with the firm and acts as the firm's compliance officer.

Certifications/ Designations: Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)


He has a wonderful wife, Brinn, and three beautiful children. He describes himself as a health nut enthusiast that likes baking cakes, an interested outdoorsman, and a self-educated art lover. 

Carolyn Reese

Account Manager

Carolyn is the office manager every company wishes for. Before being recruited to Cannon Capital, she worked as a dental receptionist. What started out as a part-time gig, quickly turned into a 20-year career of learning, growing, and building relationships. Carolyn helps with the setup and transfer of accounts for individuals along with corporate plans. She is always happy to help with any individual or 401(k) account request you may have.


Carolyn and her husband Brad, have five fabulous children, which are all married, as well as 15 little people that call her grandma.  Carolyn describes herself as a fun fanatic, a high-flying cross country skier, a (close to) pro-level 5 iron golf club swinger, and a water sports seeker! 

BP1_0696 (1).jpg

Linda Stoven

Client Relations Manager

Linda studied at Brigham Young University, Brigham Young University-Hawaii, and graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. After college, Linda and her husband Bill moved many times with Bill's work but settled back in Utah to be near family. They bought a trucking company hauling automobiles' which allowed Linda to gain experience with accounting and managing company expenses. After 8 years, they sold their company and Linda decided to be a stay-at-home mom. When her kids were a little older, Linda decided she wanted to be an educator. She enjoyed enlightening student's minds and continued to do so for several years. She was pursued by Clint because he knew her extensive background and wanted to bring her talents to Cannon Capital. 

Linda oversees scheduling and organizing client accounts. Linda works with clients in a way that ensures they are taken care of. If you need to get scheduled or have questions about your account, you can always count on Linda. 

Linda and Bill have a son and daughter who are both married, one grandbaby they love to spend time with, and two more on the way. Linda also has a standard poodle name named Manny whom she adores. She describes herself as, a better than Betty Baker, view-seeking Lake Powell lover,  and soccer watching enthusiast. 

Desiree Tolley

Office Manager


Desiree graduated from the University of Utah in Economics. Once a Ute, always a Ute. Her professional background is in accounting, customer service, and commercial real-estate research. She is passionate about helping people, and hopes to bring a friendly and impactful experience to every client she meets.

Desiree and her husband, Marshall have three amazing kids: a dancer, a basketball player, and a horse-back rider. Desiree describes herself as an avid traveler, camper, adventurer, and loves to spend time with her family.

We Care- You're family to us 


We Communicate – Key to long term, successful relationships

We Act – Good ideas do nothing if not implemented

We Deliver – Walk the talk

We Keep it Simple – We make the complex easy to understand

Consistency – Success must be repeatable, time is your friend​

Look Forward -Can’t drive ahead looking through the rear- view mirror

Make Experience Count – Been there, done that matters

Efficient Costs – Eliminate non-essentials invest in that which returns the most, most often

Creative Discipline – Take advantage of opportunity in a structured manner

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